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5 Crucial Features of Perfect Custom Rigid Boxes

When it comes to developing custom rigid boxes, useful can mean a lot of things. From having a luscious design to perfectly snuggle the product, it entails nearly everything in between. However, at the Packaging Republic, we firmly believe that any custom rigid box should meet more than just requirements. It is this thought process that forced us to create the following list!

Does an Ideal Custom Rigid Box Even Exist?


Of course, several marketing channels could provide you good exposure. However, a custom rigid box is the only marketing channel that has the power to reach all of your customers. It’s an important touchpoint that sparks engagement and makes up the all-important element to judge a product and brand. So, in a way, good packaging is the ideal way to start a healthy relationship with your ideal customers.

Yet, to have the truly perfect rigid box, you need to go through this list of essential features that your custom rigid boxes must possess.  

  • It Should be Breathtaking

Packaging could possibly be the first opportunity to ‘wow’ your ideal customers. Unboxing is supposed to be the beginning of an immersive experience with the enclosed product. It should be so powerful that the customers take a snap of it along with the box and post it online. But this doesn’t necessarily mean that your packaging should be extravagant or extremely colorful.

  • It Should be Resilient

Trust us, the durability of the custom printed rigid boxes is one of the biggest challenges to meet. The paperboard or cardboard rigid boxes that we produce at the Packaging Republic are both durable and not too heavy. But one should always be vigilant about the shape and weight of the product. While traditional brown mailer boxes may prove a good fit for your products, branded wholesale rigid boxes will prove a better investment if your product requires special treatment or farther shipment.  

So, before you place the order for bulk packaging, be certain that the container is the perfect match for your product.

  • It Should Convey the Message

Rigid box packaging is an excellent medium to convey your brand’s message.

Consider it as a kind of a discussion with your customers. For example, if one of your most crucial features has an environmentally friendly approach, a sustainable or greener box will certainly be a way to draw attention to that.

Let’s say if you are an apparel producer that is stylish and colorful, using a more crazy and creative design of the packaging can certainly convey your message. Or you offer boxed water with a minimalist design but with a very clear message about the advantages of your product over the rival products. The idea is to make your buyers know that you put your heart and soul into every element.

  • It Should Efficiently Secure the Product

Keeping the product secure is obvious.

It is one of the essential features of custom rigid boxes. Mind you, nobody would like to pay for a one-of-a-kind product, then wait for it to reach them and finally receive it broken.

Thus, it is vital to know the exact weight and size of the end product. Else, you would not be able to secure it in an appropriate box. Sending products is no different than sending baked goods in a box that ensures they look as delectable as they taste!

  • It Should be Super Easy to Open

Some packages look startling owing to their creativity. These boxes have staggering design forms and unusual shapes. Unfortunately, often it happens at the cost of functionality. And there is barely anything that customers find so annoying than coming across a product box that takes a lot of time to open. So, if your box isn’t intuitive, there is a high probability that you would end up using the wrong packaging.

And it leaves a negative impression on the customers.


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