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How To Know Whether A Website Is Good Or Bad For Guest Posting

Guest blogging offers a wide range of benefits. It can have a positive impact on your reputation, build visibility for your brand, help build trust, and can also improve your website rankings.

guest posting can also help you reach a specific niche audience, which will always benefit your company.

This is a relationship of give and take. Both guest bloggers and the host platform benefit from the content. Bloggers get more recognition while the platform gets fresh content from a different perspective.

However, it is important for guest bloggers to choose a good platform for publication. You don’t want your name associated with places with a dubious reputation. Here are some tips on how to choose the best platform for your content:

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1. Make Sure The Website is In Your Niche

It is important to pick a website that is known and well-established in your industry. For example, if you’re an interior designer, you want to be featured in a home design or décor website. That will give you maximum visibility on a very relevant platform. People who read interior design magazines will typically fall into your customer demographic.

However, it doesn’t make any sense for a dentist to guest post on the same website. People there aren’t looking for dentists and your content isn’t relevant.

Look at all the high-authority websites in your industry and make a choice accordingly. That ensures your guest posts are seen by audiences who are most likely to convert.

2. Does It Target Your Desired Audience?

Just finding a popular website in your industry isn’t enough. You need to make sure the website targets or receives visitors from your preferred demographic.

For example, young millennials aren’t going to read the same websites as retired baby boomers. So if your company’s primary target audience lies in the millennial age-group, you need to post content on platforms they visit often.

Before you start looking for a guest posting platform, consider creating an audience profile. This allows you to understand exactly who your target audience is. If you know your audience profile, it is easier to find a suitable platform for your guest posting content.

3. Check the Domain Authority

Domain Authority

Domain authority tells you just how much influence a particular website will have over its target audience. This was created by the SaaS company Moz to determine the quality of a website.

Domain Authority takes around 40 ranking factors into consideration and decides the score of the website. 100 is the highest and best score and 1 is the lowest score. This tool will check the authority of an entire domain.

You can also use Page Authority to check the quality of individual pages.Both of these factors will let you know just how influential a website is and if it is worthy of your guest posting endeavors.

4. Link Building Isn’t the Goal

Link Building

Guest posting is all about building a good reputation and becoming visible. These posts will naturally bring traffic to your website and help you gain the trust of your target audience. Some content creators insert a lot of links to their content, which can compromise user experience.

Make sure the platform doesn’t insert too many links or ads into the content. You want your readers to have a comfortable and organic experience, which can’t happen if there are many spam links on the page.

A couple of links to relevant content will enhance user experience. It is a good idea to limit yourself to that number.

5. Do You Like the Website?

Guest posting should be considered a long-term project instead of a one-off situation. You need to choose your long-term particular carefully. Before choosing a website, browse through its content. Here are some things you need to look into during this process:

  • What is the style and vibe of the website?
  • Does the platform have a unique voice?
  • Who are the most frequent content creators on the website?
  • Is the information provided relevant and created thoughtfully?
  • Do people interest through comments and discussions on the platform?
  • Does it support different forms of content like audio, video, podcasts, etc?

If you like the content and feel of the website, you’ll be more interested in posting your articles on the platform. It will also be easier to establish a long-term partnership with the platform.

6. Does the Background Check out?

You can never be too careful when it comes to picking your partners. The last thing you want is to associate with a publication that has a controversial reputation. While the Domain Authority and other such tools give an insight into a website’s reputation, you still need to look deeper.

The best way to do this is to look a website up on social media. Here’s what you can do:

  • Check their mentions on Twitter.
  • Look at the comments on their most popular content.
  • See who is following them on social media.
  • Does the company interact with influencers regularly?

Factors like these will help you understand the website’s real reputation. If the platform is known for doing something that goes against your ethics, don’t partner up with them.

7. Do They Communicate Well?

They Communicate Well

Some well-known websites take ages to respond or communicate with their guest posters. This can cause many problems over the long-term. That’s why you should check how well these websites respond to your outreach emails.

If the response is timely, polite, and serious, it is worth cultivating a good relationship with them. If the response isn’t timely or polite, you might want to look somewhere else.

Once you have found your ideal website, it is a good idea to develop a great working relationship with your chosen platform. Guest posting is more profitable if you have a network of reliable platforms to post consistently on.

After you have established a good relationship with a solid network of platforms, look towards expanding your network of publication platforms.


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