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4 Ways to Pay Tribute to the Memory of a Loved One

When a loved one passes away, honoring their memory in a meaningful way is an important part of dealing with their death while finding closure. This process of honoring provides friends and family with an opportunity to celebrate and reflect upon the most significant parts of the person’s life while leaving an ever-lasting tribute. Here are four ways to remember a loved one.

1. Create “their” day

Did your loved one have hankerings for good ol’ PB&J’s? Were they often found watering the flowers in their garden? From National Peanut Butter and Jelly Day to Water a Flower Day, there is a holiday on the calendar for just about everything. One well-known veterinarian in San Diego, California asked her friends and blog readers to take to the internet on National Donut Day and share photographs of themselves while eating donuts—a special family tradition often shared with her mother who had just passed. Marking a specific day of celebration is a wonderful way of letting others become part of the healing process while remembering a loved one in a light-hearted, jovial way.

2. Adopt-a-bench

If you are looking for a way to honor your loved one while giving back to your city, it’s useful to know that zoos, parks, and botanical gardens across the globe offer adopt-a-bench programs. Personalized plaques are often included, which can display a dedication or favorite quote. This allows you to leave a lasting message to the person who passed while also offering passers-by a one a kind spot to enjoy their surroundings.

3. Participate in an endurance event

Whether you prepare to run a marathon or cycle one-hundred miles in a day, participating in an endurance event offers an opportunity to dedicate your race to the memory of a loved one (while receiving encouragement as you fundraise and spread awareness in their honor). Many non-profit organizations also offer support by providing professional coaching, designing workout schedules, and helping with nutrition management. As you work toward your goal, your loved one will serve as a constant inspiration to cross that finish line.

4. Publish a legacy book

In the digital age, we have an abundance of self-publishing options. If your loved one was a great cook with a collection of recipes worthy of their own title or a photographer whose snapshots should be gathered in one place and shared with friends and family, assemble their recipe cards, photos, or other relevant items and start creating a book. This is a wonderful way to reminisce while crafting a piece you can look back upon and give to future generations.


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