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Prepare for Your Car for a Long Road Trip: Full Checklist

Planned road trips turn out to be a lot of fun when compared to unplanned ones. When executed well, planned trips help you to bond well with your friends and family as you get to enjoy every second of your vacation, which even includes the transit – travelling by other means getting into the hassle of spending most of your time in the aeroplane, train or bus. Car rides are therefore more fun than any other means of transportation for having a perfect vacation!

The moment you start your car for a road trip, a new adventure unfolds in front of you! You either plan the whole road trip or just randomly hit the roads but whatever be the style of your travel; you need to prepare for the same. Issues with your car while you are on your road trip are a big nightmare. Do you know what is worse? Not being prepared for them. You can prevent the majority of the issues related to cars during your road trip without spending a bomb.

Here is a list of things that you can take care of before you begin your road trip checklist. These things will help you to have an enjoyable trip without worrying about any issues related to the car.

Check the car fluids:

You need to change the oil of your car after every three months or three thousand miles that you travel. If you plan on going on a road trip, you should get the oil of your car sooner. Doing this, the results will be visible to you as your car will drive longer and smoother. The fluids will also help in cooling down the car in case of overheating. But, before changing the fluids, you should be well aware of the model of the car and what kind of fluid will be suitable for it.

Luggage Storage:

The best way to store your luggage while going on a road trip is to get roof racks for your car. They are very useful as with them; you do not need to worry about the storage space inside the car. You can comfortably sit inside the car without being bothered about the space. You can wrap your luggage with a polythene so that the chances of your luggage getting wet during rains lessen.

Check the Battery Date:

Check the Battery

No one wants to feel the dread of a dead car battery while travelling. The life of the battery tends to vary according to the extremities of the climate. Too much cold or too much hot weather can cause problems to battery life. Therefore, if you have had the same battery for more three years or more, then you should get your battery checked. Getting your battery checked beforehand ensures that you will not face any dread regarding your battery dying. Getting a new battery can be a good idea as it can prevent you from suffering from any uncertainties.

Change the Air Filters:

No one would want to go on a road trip with dirty air filters. Driving your car with dirty air filters blocks the fresh air from entering the engine and interior of your car. This has a lasting effect on the well-being of the engine of your car and can also damage the fuel economy and cause breathing problems to you. You can easily replace the air filters of your car, and you do not even need a car mechanic for that. It is preferable to use the air filters, which are washable and reusable because they are pocket-friendly and are better for filtration.

Wheel Check:

Wheel Check

Keeping a check on the wheels of your car is very important. You would not want to suffer from a tyre puncture or a gas leakage from your tyres while you are on the road. Therefore, you need to check if the tyres of your car have the required pressure. Apart from that, having a look on the tread to make sure it is adequate is essential too. Carrying an extra tyre just for an emergency is very necessary as it helps in being saved from the troubles of finding a new tyre if a tyre puncture happens.

Brakes Check:

One of the most important things to check is the brakes of your car. While riding, you should not dwell on the fear of not checking the brakes beforehand as to any fault in the brakes can cause some serious issues. Therefore, you need to check if the pads and the rotors of the brakes are in good shape. It is also necessary to check if the brakes are functioning well. If you find any doubt with regards to the functioning of the brakes, you should get them checked and change them immediately.

It is essential to follow these steps before leaving your home for the road trip as any trouble in the car during your trip can ruin your mood, journey and excitement.

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