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Top Instagram Statistics, Trends And Facts

2020 was a year marked by significant innovations at Instagram and some intriguing new Instagram data. Instagram has released a slew of tools to enable businesses to market and sell directly from the app, making it much more than a photo-sharing platform.

It’s critical to know the most up-to-date information regarding Instagram as you prepare your business strategy for 2021. We’ve listed all of the most critical Instagram analytics you should be aware of this year to ensure you’re dealing with the correct data.

Instagram currently has more than a Billion active users. It is among the most prominent social media networks for users, advertisers, businesses, bloggers, and celebrities alike, with over 50 billion photographs shared. Regularly, it is believed that about 100 million photographs and videos are posted, resulting in over 400 million likes.

Let’s analyze the facts and figures to get the truth about what your Instagram marketing should comprise and whether every one of the information you’ve read is as helpful as you believe it is. Speedwell IT Solutions is one of the IT services in Delhi that provide the right strategies for brands on Instagram.

  1. Every month, almost 1 billion people use Instagram.

Instagram is now the second most popular conventional social media platform for active users, after only Facebook. In addition, Instagram is ranked sixth across all social media networks, after Facebook, YouTube, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and WeChat.

  1. 8% of users on Instagram spend 5 hours or more per day.

The majority of users spend nearly an hour per day on the platform, either exploring or publishing. 50.5 per cent of users say they invest around one and three hours there. This fact provides an idea of how time-consuming Instagram will be for you and whether it’ll be worthwhile. It needs a lot of trial and error to develop a great Instagram approach, but once you obtain the right mix of “ingredients,” the perfect algorithm-busting formula won’t be as challenging to come by.

  1. Instagram is the 9th highest searched term on Google.

General terms like weather and news are among the top ten searches. In addition to Instagram, Facebook, Google, YouTube, and Amazon all made it into the top ten. However, because Instagram is primarily accessible through an application, this is a fantastic showing.

  1. Instagram users prefer photographs to videos 84.4 per cent of the time.

Suppose you’ve done any study into utilizing Instagram to promote your blog. In that case, you’ll know that you really should make use of all of the tools the social media network has to offer, including publishing photographs and videos to your account. And, indeed, using all of the features to get the most significant outcomes is a good idea. Well, 84.4 per cent of active users preferred to look at photographs rather than movies.

  1. 88 per cent of users are from countries outside the United States.

The biggest Instagram audience is Americans, yet they are so far from the per cent. Therefore, this is an essential criterion to consider when deciding how and when to establish your Instagram ideal customer and what type of content to offer.

Around 120 Million users are from India, 95 Million users are from Brazil, and 54 Million users are from Russia.

  1. Instagram Stories are only watched by 36.6 per cent of users.

These statistics while surprising, can help you better plan your Instagram business profile and determine where you should invest your time and effort. Perhaps if 36.6 per cent of users check your Instagram Stories, you’ll be losing out on the other 63.4 per cent who don’t. It could be time to review and shift your emphasis somewhere if one aspect isn’t functioning for business as well as you’d want.

Spending a considerable amount of effort on something that isn’t functioning will make you unhappy and make you want to give up.

  1. Kazakhstan has the most significant Instagram percentage engagement of any country.

Kazakhstan may not have had the maximum Instagram users, and it is the country with the most significant percentage of Instagram active users: 72 per cent, to be exact. As a result, Instagram can be a particularly effective venue for paid advertising Instagram posts when you’re advertising to folks in these nations.

  1. On Instagram, the gender split is pretty even: 51 per cent female and 49 per cent male.

In the United States, women use Instagram at a significantly higher rate of 43% than a male percentage of 31. It’s also worthy of note that Instagram only publishes marketing statistics for the genders female and male. For a superior content marketing strategy and brand exposure, employ social media analytics tools to gather precise details on your following.


Instagram is a social media platform that should not be overlooked, with over 1 billion active users. To maintain a competitive advantage, you’ll need a statistics plan. Use the information in this article to provide a solid foundation for your plan. You can also hire a digital marketing agency to do that for you.

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