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All About Voice Search Technology: Its Usefulness And Potential

“Hey Siri, set a reminder for my meeting the next Thursday.
“Ok, Google, book an appointment with a dentist the day after tomorrow.

If you’re not new to giving these commands and speaking with the voice on your smartphone, then you’re already acquainted with voice search technology. Now, even though voice search has existed for a substantial amount of time, the innovations around have only managed to scratch the surface until now. There’s more to voice search than what’s been discovered so far.

But businesses have slowly begun to embrace the voice search technology and explore the possibilities of this innovation. It’s used for providing the assistance that workers need to manage the customer experience and boost productivity all around. The use of this technology is growing now, and with time as it’s combined with other potent innovations, the businesses will realize their fullest potential.

Here’s everything you must know about the voice search technology.

voice search

What is voice search?

If you’re acquainted with Amazon’s Alexa, Apple’s Siri, or Google Assistant, you already have a fair idea of what voice search is. Google and Apple have used this feature for the longest time. In 2014, Amazon came up with its own version of voice search in Alexa, and it remains one of the preferred options today.

This technology uses speech recognition, which evaluates your voice frequency and deciphers what you’re trying to convey. Once the system deciphers your voice, it runs an algorithm to search the question you’ve asked through its database.

It presents the results through that database or through an internet search. Either way, you get the answer you were looking for. The interface is designed in a way that it writes on the screen as you speak.

Reasons to use voice search technology for your business

1. Incredibly smooth user experience

Using different systems/devices are one obstacle that a business faces when they take the digital route. Owing to specific limitations/requirements, it’s tough to achieve a unified user experience across multiple platforms. However, this is something that can be accomplished simply with the help of advanced voice search technologies.

Businesses can offer their consumers the same experience across multiple devices, which makes the technology efficient for maintaining client satisfaction rates. People expect something specific when they engage with your business. With voice technologies, you can present that same great experience every time.

2. A great way to search on the internet

Search engine optimization and organic traffic are essential components for any business that wants to maintain a successful online presence. For years, SEO has been all about text-based search queries. With the rise of voice assistants though, this SEO process has moved to the next level.

As more people rely on voice tools to search on the internet, companies have begun to integrate this technology into their SEO strategies. As a result, voice searches are getting increasingly important for any successful SEO strategy.

3. High compatibility with AI

Artificial intelligence is another innovation that’s redefining the implementation of technology in businesses. Since voice technologies are compatible with AI, they are expected to keep getting better in the further.

That’s why incorporating both voice technologies, and AI will enhance your business processes dramatically. Each of these technologies is potent on its own. The fact that they blend in nicely together makes them extremely promising for your business. Imagine a voice assistant that deals with all your consumer interactions and teaches itself how to serve them better.

4. Personalised customer relationships

One thing that you’ll find in cutting-edge voice technologies is a level of personalization that exceeds far beyond what was possible until some years ago. Before voice technologies came into existence, chatbots were preferred for providing personalized responses.

With smart voice technologies, you can have an actual “voice” that can communicate with your consumers, and answer their different queries. Without this technology, you’ll require a small army of consumer support agents to make this happen.

How to optimize your website with the support of voice search

support of voice search

1. Integrate voice search into your marketing strategy

It’s predicted that voice searches will be longer and more conversational, which means that people will use longer phrases as search queries. This will have a considerable impact on how webmasters carry out keyword research and on-page SEO.

Moreover, Google has changed its search engine to answer questions directly without leading the audience to the website to get the answer. This means that if you want your website to stay relevant, you should ensure that the content you present is giving direct answers to the queries.

2. Consider user intent

It’s crucial that you keep the user intent in mind when creating content for your website. Make sure that the significant information about your organization is available on your website. Google is definitely an advanced search engine, but the easier you make it for Google’s web crawlers to skim through your site’s content, the more likely you are to get to the top in search results.

Consider the products or services you offer. Even if you know your business inside and out, that doesn’t mean your consumers do. In fact, they may not even realize they need your services. Consider the questions your target consumers may have about your organizations and address them.

3. Include keywords naturally

Voice search queries tend to prefer natural phrases and long-tail search language over short keywords.

For instance, when searching for resources on your IT assignment, you may type in a short phrase like “help with information technology assignment.” But if you’re using a voice search, you’re more likely to use natural language like “What are the best resources for Information Technology assignment?” What’s more, you can keep asking questions without going into specifics because the voice search algorithm understands what you’re talking about depending on your last question.

4. Prepare your local search strategy

Presently, voice search is most effective in the case of local businesses. To feature at the top of search results, you must ensure your local business listings are updated and active.

When you’re creating accounts on local business directories, always be specific as that can increase the chances of appearing on voice searches. If all your accounts offer different details about your organization, the search engines won’t know which detail is accurate. This way, you’ll be less likely to pull your business up in voice search results.

Wrapping it up

Irrespective of the industry you’re in, voice search technology will enhance the business operations. Other than allowing you to serve your clients better, voice search technology allow for better process automation, particularly when combined with AI and machine learning.

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